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2024 Session  July 22 - 25

Boys & Girls Ages 10 - 18

Located at Hope College in Holland, MI

Summer Goalie Camp 

Welcome to the highly acclaimed, BEST in the Midwest, popular by choice, 6x6 Summer Goalie Camp. We have 4 goals every year we strive to live  by:

1) Every camper learns something that will help improve their game

2) Build leadership skills: Respect, Discipline, Character, and Resilience

3) Discuss the importance of Mental Health

4) Have Fun!!!

Our camp extends over 4 days that encompasses a well rounded curriculum to include: the Foundations of Reaction, Save Mechanics, Situational Concepts, Clearing, Leadership Skills, Mental Health, and creating positive mindset.  Kids enter as goalies but leave as Leaders!! Since our inception we continue to retain campers returning to learn something new, meet new friends, and become stronger leaders.  Based on numbers this camp continues to grow each year. 

Camp Details

Camp Staff - "The FAMILY"

The pulse of our camp lies within the staff we have on hand to help these young inspiring netminders to be the best goalies & leaders they can be.  These instructors were hand picked and have become a FAMILY, because we care for and support every camper that comes to camp and treat them like our own brothers and sisters. These are not just coaches, they are TEACHERS and they have mission to leave no goalie behind.  These men and ladies are what makes this camp a success and what brings kids back year after year. 



Internship Application

Please read the internship requirements and then complete the application to apply for an internship position with us.

Camp Photo Gallery

To see more Camp Photos from past camps please use the link. 

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